After the Eurogroup proposal for Cyprus was formulated on March 24th, and despite some temporary banking restrictions still applied and which are being eased up, Cyprus Shipping continues its high standard and reliable operations supporting the Cyprus Economy.

During these difficult times, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber managed to resolve operations problems for shipping companies which occurred during the period that banks remained closed. The Chamber is meeting its obligations towards their seafarers and associates and is closely monitoring the overall situation and assisting whenever necessary.

It is highly noted that, even if some shipping companies have been affected by the banking system, the Shipping operational and taxation infrastructure in Cyprus remains intact. Therefore, it stands united and remains loyal to Cyprus and the Cyprus flag.

The Government acknowledged its appreciation to the Shipping industry and also pledged its commitment to work together with the Shipping Chamber in promoting the advantages of Cyprus as a reliable maritime centre, now, more than ever, that the island is going through such difficult times.