Intellectual Property

Our law firm provides legal advice to its clients for the acquisition, registration and protection of their intellectual property, on a local, European and international level, while providing legal advice on the tax favorable Cyprus IP Box Regime, including: 

    • Trademarks
    • Copyright
    • Business names
    • Literary property
    • Design
    • Patents
    • Infringement & passing off actions.
    • Licenses for intellectual property and technology
    • Litigation and legal enforcement of intellectual property
    • Legal advice in tax matters
    • International conventions on intellectual property

The Cyprus IP Box Regime brings the legislation in Cyprus on the taxation of Royalties (IP Box) in full compliance with OECD & BEPS.

The law secures those already in business from benefitting from the old IP Box regime as until the end of June 2021. The new provisions apply for Qualifying IP’s which are developed after 1st of July 2016.

The new IP Box Regime provides that 80% of Qualifying Profits generated from Qualifying IP’s will be considered as deemed expenses and only 20% will be subject to 12.5% corporation tax. Thus, the maximum effective tax rate is 2.5%.

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