CASP, Crypto Assets & Currencies

Our Law Firm provides the necessary legal assistance in terms of operational structure, compliance requirements and relevant evolving legal framework to investors who wish to register a CASP (Crypto Asset Services Provider) with CYSEC (Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission) with three available options:

CASP of Class 1 with initial capital € 50,000 providing crypto asset investment advice.

CASP of Class 2 with initial capital € 125,000 providing crypto asset services including inter alia:

    • Reception and transmission of orders.
    • Execution of orders on behalf of clients.
    • Exchange between crypto assets, and between crypto assets & fiat currencies.
    • Portfolio management.
    • Placement and/or underwriting of crypto assets without firm commitment.
    • Provision and/or Participation of financial services regarding the distribution, offer and/or sale of crypto assets, including the initial offering.

CASP of Class 3 with initial capital € 150,000 providing services under Class 1&2 as well as:

    • Transfer, management, transfer, holding and/or safekeeping, including custody, of crypto-assets or cryptographic keys allowing of control over crypto-assets.
    • Placement and/or underwriting of crypto assets with firm commitment.
    • Multilateral operations resulting in transaction involving multiple crypto asset buyers and sellers.

CASPs already established in the EEA and registered with one or more EEA National Competent Authorities for AML/CFT (Anti-money laundering / Counter Financing of terrorism) can register with CYSEC.

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